Stetsons decided to expand into the Bakery business and Stetstons butter was born. Stetsons developed a range  of Non dairy buttercreams and essences which are used in the manufacturing of confectionery items.

Stetsons  also manufactures a range of   top quality Garlic spreads and toppings. For use on the savoury side of the bakery.

This concept of suppling quality convenient premixes,  soon took flight and Stetsons has grown considerably and now services most of the large retailers in Kwa Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Swaziland and Gauteng.

Stetsons products have been formulated with ease of use, ease of  storage, cost saving and  convenience in mind.

There has been a trend to move away from fresh cream as the shelf life is short lived by comparison to a buttercream. Saying this, there are great differences to a fresh cream cake and a non dairy buttercream cake, least of all personal preferences. Stetsons has a variety of different flavours available namely Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint, Caramel Toffee and Hazelnut Fudge. An important manufacturing aspect was the decision to use a top quality vegetable based fat and refined icing sugar as out Non dairy buttercream base. We then structured each flavour independently to create each unique flavour, meaning that our, for example, mint buttercream is not a vanilla based product with green colourant but rather a mint based product which smells, tastes and looks like what it is. Saying this though, Stetsons understands that bakers have their own requirements and formulas. Stetsons Vanilla buttercream is great for creating your own flavours or colour, it works in conjunction with most top end essences and colorants both liquid and powder form.

Stetsons has five brands, Simply Garlic, Simply Bake, Simply Flavour, Simply Whip and Gold Medal

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